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Hello there

If you are reading this, you are probably a blogger or someone who wants to start blogging.

GREAT. You’ve arrived at the right place!

We are Scribblog, a start-up blogging platform kept up and running by a three-headed team of Belgian youngsters.

What makes us different compared to other platforms is that we work together with our bloggers in different ways, listed below.

Ow and by the way, at the moment we are focussing on MILLENIAL BLOGGERS, which basically means everyone born in the 80ties and 90ties.

We want to be the generation that gets CONNECTED both ONLINE and in REAL LIFE.

What we do for our bloggers:

  • Create a COMMUNITY of bloggers who can learn and teach eight other.
  • SHARE a major part of our advertisement revenues, because you bloggers create the content, so you deserve the rewards.
  • Provide INFORMATION about topics that readers want to know more about, have the possibility to go viral. This also means tips and tricks which we chose carefully, as well as statistics about how much people read your blogs.

Still interested? Meet our team!

Hi there!

I’m Matthias Rammeloo. A 22-year-old guy who lives both in Ghent and  in Oostduinkerke. My main activities during the semester are studying and teaching younger students in Ghent, whereas in the summer I am a lifesaver at the beach and learning about business. When working for Scribblog I am the guy who takes care of the advertisements and talks to as many companies as necessary.



Hello everyone!

My name is Matthias Bekaert!  That’s confusing, right? two times Matthias? I know! That’s why you should just call me Bekaert. I am the IT god of Scribblog. Whenever something is wrong with the website, I am the guy who will get it fixed. I am also taking into account all the feedback we get from our bloggers to further develop our wonderful Scribblog. Besides all this, I have my own company which helps architects and builders, nice to meet you!


Professional Website

Hola, qué tal?

My name is Bram Pieters, I am a 21-year-old student living in beautiful Ghent! I fulfill the role of marketing goeroe at Scribblog. I am also the guy who keeps the community vibrant. I am all about travel, sports, exciting movies and good, Belgian beer.

If you want to learn even more about us, check out our socials or just send us a message!



Let’s get to it

Sooo now that you know who we are and what our goal is, we will explain you our game-plan.

Since we are still in the start-up phase of our project we have a few special announcements to make.

  • First of all, we share 100% of the advertising revenues of the first THOUSAND blogs on our platform. So the faster you start writing – the faster you will earn cold cash – and the faster you become part of the Scribblog OneK Community.
  • To start getting ad revenues we need at least 40 unique blogs. Of course you can copy them to other platforms once we have enough blogs and thus revenues.
  • We will build a community where all Scribbloggers are connected and have the opportunity to exchange their best tips and tricks. This will be called the Scribblog InspireUs community.
  • We have plans to organise real-life meetups, so that bloggers can get to know one another both online and in real life.

That’s all for now!

Should you have any more questions, tips or feedback,

Please let us know.

Contact and Socials.

Scribblog Facebook


Whatsapp +32 4 78 91 85 49


Whatsapp +32 4 97 70 00 36


Whatsapp +32 4 76 54 01 51

Cheers, Team Scribblog

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